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Our School's Philosophy

Kiddie Garden’s philosophy has always maintained that every child is unique in terms of life-experiences, developmental readiness and cultural heritage. Our goal as caregivers is to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment, capable of accommodating as well as embracing these differences, while keeping the child’s needs the priority. Our schools philosophy believes that it important to nurture each child while offering support to a child’s inquisitive nature. We believe, in the integration of learning alongside play, as children learn best by having access to hands-on activities.

Furthermore, we believe that a teacher should provide materials which reinforce the lessons being studied, while promoting a child’s self-discovery and construction of new knowledge. Allowing for a child’s natural curiosity to direct his/her learning, leaving room for mistakes while promoting respect for all things and people. Allowing a child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development to occur, in order to reach their full-potential and eventual success.

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As a child care center, we understand that every child is unique and that they have unique needs. We ensure that their needs are met so that they can succeed to the best of their ability and have fun while doing it!

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